Baby Bok Choy Kimchee

I want to introduce you to some of my mom's recipes. And for those who love spicy foods, you will love this simple fresh kimchee. This is not the typical fermented kimchee, but freshly made right before serving. Combination of slight saltiness and spiciness is just wonderful. And great way to serve bok choy.

You will need both Korean anchovy sauce and fish sauce.

Korean pepper powder. Be sure to purchase medium ground with bright, red color.

Once thick paste is made, use your hand (use gloves) to incorporate spices onto bok choy leaves.

Serve with steamed rice and other sides.

Baby Bok Choy Kimchee
Mom's Recipe

1 bunch of baby bok choy (About 5 small bunches), washed and leaves separated

To Make Pepper Paste:
2 Tablespoon anchovy sauce*
2 Tablespoon fish sauce*
2 Tablespoon Korean red pepper powder (reduce if desired)*
1 Tablespoon red pepper flakes (reduce if desired)
1 Tablespoon of toasted sesame seeds
1 Tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
1/2 teaspoon freshly grated garlic
1 sprig green onion, cut into thirds and sliced lengthwise

Cut baby bok choy leaves length wise into halves, set aside.

Mix well next 9 ingredients into a bowl forming a paste.

15 minutes before serving, blend in the paste well onto bok choy leaves. Serve with hot steamed rice.

*Sold in Asian food stores.
In Savannah, Han Me (Korean grocery store) also has wonderful Korean side dishes, freshly made by the owner.


  1. Oh, thank you Kay for sharing this! I am excited to see more of your mother's recipes! Beautiful :) btw, I think you would be proud of me--just a couple days ago I made some baechu kimchi, even got my gloves on and rubbed each leaf with the yummy paste!

  2. I'm also super excited to see more of your Mom's recipes! This one looks great. I really need to get to my Asian grocery store-I haven't been there for months, and I'm in need of supplies!

  3. Oh Kay this looks wonderful! I've never tried Kimchee before, though my Dad is a die hard for it. This will make me a convert I'm sure!

    I love making and trying new things, it gives me a whole new perspective and sense of adventure!

    Thank you for the comments on my cupcake and pickle blogs. Just an FYI - Georgetown cupcakes ships if you can't ever make it to DC to get some of them directly. I'm going to order them for my hunny's sister for her upcoming birthday.
    It'll be a great surprise!!

  4. I have found another use for the fish sauce that I bought last week for a recipe. Thanks so much, now to find the veggies.

  5. Looks wonderful! I love the simplicity yet with an explosion of flavor. Beautiful photos, too, so vibrant.

  6. I really like that this isn't fermented...the fresh sounds very good! I love the spiciness and all the flavors in this.

  7. This looks so good! Its called ghut juhl lhee. One of my favorite kimchee's!

  8. Kay, I love kimchee and have posted about it in the past. Learned how to from my Korean neighbor, many, many years ago. I have not added the anchovy paste, but....why not?

  9. What is the difference betweeen anchovy sauce and fish sauce?

  10. Can you use this sauce as a salad dressing? At a Korean restaurant I go to, they serve salad side dish of romaine lettuce and green onion and a kimchi-type of salad dressing. Could this be it?

  11. Hi, Anonymous! Both fish and anchovy sauce are similarly made: salt, water & fish or anchovies are pressed & fermented, extracting the juices out. Both are aged anywhere from 8 months to 2 years. Anchovy sauce which is more pungent and flavorful are used in Korean cooking; the fish sauce for Thai and close region foods.

    And YES! My mother often uses this similar dressing for romaine lettuce or other greens! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  12. Hello Kay! My cousin made this and used your recipe. So delicious! Everyone at my Christmas Eve dinner raved about it...yes, you'll be happy to know that bok choy kimchi and smoked prime rib go hand in hand.

    I just made some using pak choi (similar to bok choy - white stems with dark green leaves) and it came out great. I just started my own little blog on my kimchi making exploits. I plan to make this one next. I will certainly point them to your blog. BTW, your pictures are simply gorgeous and make me green with envy! What lens/lighting do you shoot with? Macro? Or a fast prime?

    Thank you for sharing. Mother's recipes are the BEST!

    1. So glad you tried this recipe! Kimchi is the next big rave in food world right? Smoked prime rib with kimchi sounds awesome! Thanks for your visit! :) Email me on thechurchcook@gmail.com and we can talk about camera and such!