Five Course Dinner for 60 @ Endeavor

When you have a teenage daughter, what do you want to share and teach her before she leaves home? What things do you tell her when her dreams are big and life is full of wonder and excitement? As a mother, how do I equip my girl to be a confident, well rounded and Christ-loving young woman?

So when an organization like Teenpact, asks the same questions for their young members and intentionally seek to equip and teach them, you get on board! Quickly and enthusiastically.

My daughter and I were truly blessed to attend a one of Teenpact alumni events called Endeavor. She as an attendee, and I as one of the moms to cook and spend time with 40 lovely young ladies for five days.

The conference attendees had the most amazing accommodation and stayed in this breathtaking house on Oconee Lake.

During five wonderful days, my daughter and the other attendees learned to cook.....
Had fantastic time building friendships from all across the states.....

Learned table manners, fashion, poise......

Auto care and how to shoot rifles and pistols......

Learned to set beautiful tables and had a tea brunch....

Learned about flower arranging, and played ultimate frisbee and football.......

Photography........and most importantly, heard wonderful messages of encouragement and exhortation to become godly women, sisters, daughters, and leaders.

And one of the evenings, the Endeavor Moms and I had the best time preparing a five-course dinner for these young ladies. And the director and the staff of the conference served the dinner, 5-star rating on the service, mind you.

With beautiful harp music playing.....

Our first course was Spanakopita Triangles

Iceburg Wedge Salad with Homemade Ranch and Bacon Bits

Blackened Chicken with Israeli Couscous with Grilled Vegetables

And to finish our dinner with White Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis

Beyond all the fun activities and foods, my daughter and I came back home desiring to be better disciples of Christ and better lover of His people. It was truly a very special time for us.

Endeavor is one of many Teenpact alumni events, which seeks to teach and equip young people to be leaders. If you want to teach your children about leadership, click here for more information on TEENPACT.


  1. Wow what a wonderful time, I would love to have experienced that with my daughters.

  2. What a wonderful event! I did something similar through the PCA and really loved it :-) Hopefully we'll be able to send our little boy to something along these lines once he's older.

  3. What a wonderful post. May God continue to bless your efforts. Love the photo of you and your daughter.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity for your daughter, and that you got to share in that time with mer. I love that they encorage all those things in young women. They are all things that my parents taught me.

    The food looks amazing as always, you do a wonderful job.

  5. What a wonderful post - thank you so much for sharing this, Teenpact sounds like an amazing organization - what a positive time you had with your daughter :)
    Mary x

  6. What a wonderful experience for both you and your daughter! I love how they learned things as varied as poise and shooting a gun--that's awesome. And all with the encouragement of the gospel running through it? Marvellous.

  7. What does rifle shooting have to do with being a disciple of Christ?

  8. Oh this sounds like such a wonderful retreat! Wish I had been able to participate in something like this as a girl. What a lovely time you had--thanks for sharing it with us through pictures and stories! :)

  9. @Barbara, 1 Cor. 10:31
    So whether you eat or drink or whatever (could this be shooting rifle, too?) you do, do it all for the glory of God. ;) I really had a blast!

  10. we will not covet... (that's me and our two daughters reading over my shoulder!) truly, we are so delighted that you were able to do this together...precious memories, important lessons...
    love you guys!! ♥♥♥

  11. you are so cool!

    recently I've been feeling a little sad - kind of missing those good ole times hanging out with my girlfriends, chillin out, listening to music and eating junk food at fast food places... when it hit me that i can have all that with my daughters...

    today in fact, i painted my little girl's fingernails - it was such a nice moment together - we listened to the radio and I ironed daddy's shirts while she played with all my lotions and stuff...

    someday, when they are a little bigger, we are gonna have some fun in the kitchen :)

  12. I would love to see Ms. Kay with a rifle in hand!! Call it Gunning with God, writing sins on a clay pigeon and blowing it up with a 12-gauge round of God's forgiveness and love.
    It sounds like it was a wonderful experience, Kay. You and your daughter are both gorgeous women inside and out.

  13. What a wonderful experience for you and your daughter! The food looks great, the photography excellent and the happy looks show what a success the event was. I love the photo of you and your daughter.

  14. Wow-this is so amazing!! The pics and food are incredible.

  15. wow, this is such a fantastic opportunity. Every girl could benefit from this experience!